Angiyok the Arctic Experience



The objective of ANGIYOK – The Arctic Experience is to create a unique interactive ice and event attraction from about 60 tons of ice in Berlin
and to stage the abduction of the guest into the fantastic landscapes of the Arctic.
A journey through the cold, with its fantastic landscapes, weather lights, smells, ice and cold-challenges!
This experience is interactive and experienced with “all five senses”.

See • Feel • Listen • Smell • Taste

This makes the guest part of a unique experience in the middle of Berlin and worldwide!

The cold, the colors are elaborately designed and illuminated ice sculptures
and artefacts to envelope the visitors at minus 10 degrees.
Music and warm special color LED’s make ANGIYOK – THE ARCTIC EXPERIENCE
appear in a perfect cold light and creates a unique experience.

A unique, interactive and fantastic experience – right in the heart of Berlin !!!

A unique location – also for your next company presentation, trip or celebration!